Introduction of Postdoctoral Stations

The university now has two postdoctoral stations, each of which covers a number of specialties.

Station for Geology
This station covers four fields or specialties that can accept postdoctoral fellows.
Mineralogy, Petrology, Ore Deposits In this field, the professors who may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows are Cai Keqin, Mo Xuanxue, Zhai Yusheng, Deng Jinfu, Ma Hongwen, Liao Libin, Sun Daisheng, Cui Bin, Ma Zhesheng, Zhou Xunruo, Meng Xianghua and You Zhengdong.
The ongoing research projects in this field now are numbered more than 20, among which the important ones are as follows:
1.Mineralization system and Mineral Dynamics on the Ancient Continental Margin.
2.Comprehensive Study of the Geological Anomalies in the Important Cooper and Gold Ore Deposits of China.
3.Core-Mantle Interaction Deep in the Eastern Part of China.
4.Geological Fluids and their Effects in Mineralization.
5.Magmatic Fluid and Mineralization in the Dabieshan Orogenic Belt.
6.The Lithospherical De-rooting Process in the North China Craton.
7.Study of Sequence Stratigraphy in the Liaohe Oil Field Area and its application in Oil Exploration.
8.Tectonic Forms and Movements of the Dabieshan – Sulu Collision Orogenic Belt.
9.Theoretic Design and Application of CIGSS Materials.
10.The Synthesis and Application of New type of Microporous Mineral Materials.
11.Nano-minerology and Nano-ceramic powder studies.
12.Utilization of Illite Resources in Lushan, Henan Province.
13.Extraction of Potassium and Synthesis of Zeolites from the K-rich Volcanic Rocks in Pinggu District, Beijing.

Three professors in this field may serve as sponsors for the postdoctoral fellows; they are Yu Chongwen, Zhao Lunshan and Shen Rongli. There are quite a number research
programs in this field are on going, among which the following are important ones.
1.The Mineralization Dynamics and Time-Spatial Structures in the Typical Mineralization Belts.
2.Study of the bedrock Geochemical Information in Regional Geochemical Exploration.
3.Study of the Micro-appearance of Thermal Fluid Sulfides by Microscope.
4.The Mineralization Dynamics in the Typical Mettalogenic Areas and Belts of China.
Paleontology & Stratigraphy (including Paleoanthropology): Among a number of professors, the following ones in this field may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows:
Wang Hongzhen, Yang Zunyi, Hao Yichun, Liu Benpei, Shi Xiaoying, Wan Xiaoqiao, Fang Nianqiao and Mao Shaozhi. The ongoing research projects in this field are more than 20,
among which the important ones are as follows.
1.Major Geological Events in the Pangea Period and the Interactions among Various Geological Spheres.
2.Sequence Stratigraphy of China, the Earth Rhythms and the Global Reconstruction of Ancient Continents.
3.Convergence and Divergence of the Pangea, Global Changes and the Biospherical Evolution at the Paleozoic – Mesozoic Transition Period.
4.Tectonic Evolution and Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Western Yunnan in Paleozoic.
5.Eastern Asian Monsoon and High Resolution Correlation of the Climatic Changes in the last 500,000 Years of East Asia.
6.Uplift of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Basin Evolution.
7.Jurassic Ammonoid Chronology and Paleobiogeography.
8.Cretaceous Dinoflagellates and Sedimentary Environments of the Northeastern China Basin.

Structural Geology
Four professors in this field may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows; they are Wang Hongzhen, Song Hongling, Wan Tian Feng and Wu Ganguo. The ongoing research
projects in this field now include the following ones.
1.The Evolutionary History of the Fault Belts along the Northern Margin of the Yanshan and their effects on the Mesozoic Intra-continental Orogeny.
2.Mineralization System and Mettalogenic Dynamics of Continental Margin.
3.Mineralization Background and Prediction of the Nickel-Cooper Ore Deposits in Beishan, Gansu.
4.Geological Conditions for Mineralization of the Stannum Ore Deposits in Longyan –Zhongjia area of Fujian, and their Prediction.
5.Study of Structural Geology of the Linqing Depression, North China Oil Field.

tation for Geological Resources and Engineering
This station will accept postdoctoral fellows in the following three fields.

Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Resources
In this field, there are quite a number of professors may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows. They are Zhao Pengda, Yang Qi, Xu Huaida, Li Sitian, Li Baofang, Zheng
Junmao, Zhang Aiyun, Lin Changsong, Shi Zhunli, Tian Shicheng and Lu Songnian. The ongoing research projects in this field now are more than 40, among which the following
ones are representative.
1.New Theories in Quantitative Prediction and Explorative Evaluation of Mineral Resources.
2.Treatment of Poisonous Materials in the S-rich Coals of East China and Their Effects to Environments.
3.Active Thermal Fluids and Metallogenic Dynamics in the Northern Basins of South China Sea.
4.Study of Sequence Stratigraphy in the Southern Songliao Basin.
5.Geological Fluids and Mineralization.
6.Synthetic Evaluation on the Oil-Gas Resources and Study of Exploration Target Areas in the Linyi Depression.
7.Study of the Oil-Gas bearing System in the Lungwantong Depression, Liaohe oil Field.

Prospecting of the Earth and Information Techniques
At present, only three professors may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows. They are Yu Qingfan, Guan Zhining and Li Jingming. The representative ongoing research
projects in this field now are as fellows.
1.The Core- Mantle Process Deep under the Continents and their Margins of Eastern China.
2.Application of Three Dimensional Deduction in Heavy Magnetics.
3.Study of Synthetic Geophysical Approaches in Searching Hidden Ore Deposits.
4.Application of Geophysical Information in the Synthetic Evaluation of Exploration Targets in the Northern Songliao Basin.

Geological Engineering
Seven professors in this field may serve as sponsors to the postdoctoral fellows. They are Tian Kaiming, Shen Zhaoli, Chen Qingshou, Li Nianzao and Chen Qingshou. Among a
number of ongoing research projects in this field, the following ones are representative.
1.Study of the Vertical Changes in Underground Water of A Large Ore Deposit.
2.Study of Engineering Geology in the Three George Reservoir Area and Protection of Some Rocky Cultural Treasures.
3.Migration of non-mixed Soluble Pollution Materials in Underground Water and their Treatment.
4.A Test study of Tunneling and Driving Technology in High-Pressure Water Lanes.

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