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     As high-quality of graduates comes from high-level teaching staff, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has nurtured and attracted numbers of outstanding experts and scholars, most of whom are famous through the country and abroad. In recent years, the university has formed a distinguished teaching group, especially including Pro. Qi Yang, Pro. Pengda Zhao, Pro. Hongfu Yin, Pro. Chongwen Yu, Pro. Yusheng Zhai, Pro. Benren Zhang, Pro. Guangding Liu, Pro. Zhenmin Jin and Pro. Xuanxue Mo, all of which are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (four of whom were also rewarded of Heliang Heli Prize), as well as three foreign academy members.
     At present, China University of Geosciences has more than 1200 teachers, among whom more than 800 are full-time teachers, and more than 200 doctoral advisors. Nearly sixty-eight percent of these teachers hold PhD degrees or Master's degrees. Besides those worldwide famous experts and scholars, there is also a group of excellent young teachers performing the leading roles in their scope or as mainstay of their job. Among these young teachers, some are winners of National Science Funds for Excellent Youth; some are of Cross-Century 100 Outstanding People Funds; and the Changjiang Scholars Rewarding Project specially recruits others as professors. Still a lot of them were rewarded as youth leading persons of Beijing Higher Educational workers, or given the title of Excellent Teachers by the nation, province or ministry, especially 3 and 23 of which won the Goldhammer Prize and Silverhammer Prize respectively. Withal, the university has also invited over 60 famous scholars through the country and overseas. Over 40 teachers were rewarded with Zeng Xianzi Advanced Teachers Prize, and Huo Yingdong Young Teaching Prize and Scientific Research Prize.
     In the past 50 years since its establishment, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has generated over 40,000 graduates, including more than 4,000 postgraduates. There are also 20 graduates from this university gaining the highest honor for their exceptional achievements and generous contribution in science, 24 of which became members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the other four were accepted as members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. More than 200 graduates were named as Exemplary Workers by the provinces or ministry, especially, among which 12 were given the honor by the nation. Many of those excellent graduates became technological mainstays, educational experts or managing experts, as well as vital leading roles in the Party and the nation. People of the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) have written down their glorious achievements all over the country. Every part of the five continents, from the South Pole to the North Pole and every corner of the country, including the Everest and the deserted frontier has witnessed their footprints. Hardship as well as happiness accompanies with them, meanwhile sacrifice and glory are always encouraging them.
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