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Campus Network

     CUGB campus network was built in 1995. After several years construction, currently the campus network has accessed 800M bandwidth in total, including 300M China Telecom, 300M Teletron Telecom Engineering and 200M Cernet. In order to ensure users’ access performance to internet and main servers in the university, the above-mentioned three exports can route intelligently through a link load balancing device Radware 4016, combined with reverse DNS resolution techniques. Up to now, backbone bandwidth of the campus network reaches 10Gbps, and the network connects 39 buildings, 16000 information site. The network center has a 200 m2 equipment room and 600 m2 office space. Besides the center is equiped with 3 core switch including 2 CISCO6509 and 1 H3C9508 to form ring redundancy and more than 300 distribution and access switches. Campus network also builds internet data center(IDC) which mainly consist of oracle 10G database run by 2 high-performance IBM 560Q Unix minicomputer, 10 blade servers, 50 IBM/HP PC servers, 80T storage devices and SAN database disaster recovery system. The IDC can meet the mass data storage and access needs of digital campus, digital library, various types of curriculum resources, digital museum and digital archives. The main services provided by campus network are as following: www, news network, web mail with 2G space, FTP, BBS, public multimedia teaching platform, directory service, gateway accounting system, SMS platform, VPN and virtual campus.
     Campus network is equiped network technology and device with world advanced level. After 10 years construction, now the basic infrastructure of campus network is multi-core star network, and the backbone bandwidth is Gigabit/10Gigabit, user bandwidth 100M/1000M. Based on the bandwidth, the campus network can effectively support high-speed transmission of multimedia information including data, voice and video, etc. Besides, the campus network can meet various application needs such as videoconference, IP phone, multimedia multicast, distributed computing and large-scale network storage.

Digital Campus

     CUGB information consturction started more than 10 years ago and the university began to develop the establishment of digital campus project. The project builds  uniform information portal and uniform identity authentication, besides the project implements single sign-on in information work of teaching, research, management and service. Digital campus project attempts to implement maximum resource integration and solve the information island problem, and also users implement information and resource sharing. In all, digital campus platform has become the indispensable environment dependent by teachers’ work and students’ study.
     CUGB digital campus has integrated the following systems: undergraduate teaching management system(education online), graduate management system, research management system, personnel management system, party management system, office automation system, decision support system, school situation display system, students integrated service system, send and receive payment system, financial search system, logistics management system, laboratory management system and equipment management system.
undergraduate teaching management system and graduate management system
     These two systems help implement information education and managemetn form undergraduate to graduate. Users can manage school roll, cultivation, degree in a network environment through the systems, users can also accomplish online course selection, online score registration, online teaching evaluation and online interactive learning.
research management system
     Based on the systematic organization of research projects, papers and outcome data since the 9th five year plan, the system has changed the model of science&Technology management and service into a higher and more efficient level. Besides, the system has implement dynamic management which help offer timely and accurate decision-support data and make information access and sharing more convenient for researchers. Meanwhile, the system also provide scientific, authoritative data for financial management and faculty management. In all, the system promotes the university’s management and decision level.
students integrated service system
     The system can implement online student affairs management, such as scholarship and student loan assessment, choiceness selection, comprehensive evaluation, student records, appointment and evaluation of instructor, etc. Especially, the system help develop online counseling education for the first time. In all, the system accomplishes the integrated student service from admission to graduation, and the student management has entered the information management age.
personnel management system
     This system not only manages the faculty, retirees, wages, contracts, insurance, archives, faculty quantitative assessment, but also provide faculty basic information for other systems of digital campus project through data synchronization which have connection action to the whole project.
office automation system
     This system is integrated network office automation system. It can provide timely, accurate, efficient and reliable office information and meet the needs of office information sharing and using of teachers and students. Besides, it also offers effective decision-support service for leadership.
equipment management system
     This system is combined with laboratory management system and financial system in order to implement equipment online declaration, auditing, scrap and maintenance. These help the users manage laboratory and share large instruments.
logistics management system
     This system accomplishes logistics service networking and informatization. Besides, it can share information with other systems, and based on this, users can get some statistics and analysis data such as spiritual civilization or learning climate of students with a unit of dormitory.
school situation display system
     This system uses data mining to extract related information from other systems and then drills down the extracted information. Based on the data and information, the system provides decision-support for leadership. In all, the system helps create a new situation of teaching, research, management and service quantification.

Modern Education Technology Construction

     Our university has a capable team of modern educational technology and professional devices, including HD/SD non-linear editing system, media system, mobile courseware system, electronic record and broadcast classroom and studio. In recent years, our university has developed more than 100 school-level excellent courses, 11 beijing city-level excellent courses and 4 state-level excellent courses, among which are main about geology, resource, environment, geology engineering disciplines. Theses courses have formed a curriculum system which has advanced contents and resonable structure. With the development of excellent course construction, these courses are providing high quality teaching resources for students.
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