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      China University of Geosciences (Beijing) sticks to the route of combining science, arts, management together in school administration, and keep the integrative, crossing, advanced much-needed constructing policy, mainly featuring in geology, resources, environment and geology engineering, to seek for a coordinated and balanced manner in multi-disciplinary areas' development. Under this guide, the university has developed its comprehensive strength in teaching, scientific research, and cultivation in personnel, striving to improve the disciplinary areas constructing. At present, there are five national key laboratories, which are Stones, Minerals, Palaeobiology and Stratum, Mineral Surveying and Prospecting, Mineral Exploring Engineer, and four provisional or ministerial key disciplines, including Structural Geology, Geohydrology and Geoengineering, Geochemistry, Coal-field and Oil, Gas Geology locating in the campus. Moreover, two national professional laboratories, which are the Development and Application of Mineral Stone Materials, Globe Scientific Drilling Laboratory, as well as one ministerial open laboratory of Lithosphere and Dynamics Laboratory, found their sites here. Since 2002, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established the National Fossil and Stone Sample Data Base in the campus. According to the university's blueprint of the 211 Project constructing, it is decided to extend the current disciplinary areas, centralize the planning the disciplinary constructing, turn out the high-level talents and fully develop the key laboratories. Besides, it is also indicated to give the priority to the development of five disciplinary areas: Geodynamics and Global Events, Geometrical Science and New Stone Material, Mineral Resources Prospecting and Evaluating and Geoinformation, Geology Surveying Engineering and Geoengineering, Geoenvironment Protecting and Defending and Controlling Geocalamity. The 211 Project has greatly promoted the construction in disciplinary areas and the optimization of the disciplinary structure in this university. Especially under the guide of the Distinct Characteristic Plus Cream policy of school management, the construction in disciplinary areas is catching up with the time, and keeps pace to the higher education reform. The persisting improvement in the quality of education and scientific research has also established a sound base for the reform and development in teaching process.
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