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Earth Science Frontiers

      Earth Science Frontiers which is edited by China University of Geosciences (Beijing), is an academic journal issued both in China and overseas since 1994. Prof. Zhai Yu-sheng, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Editor-in-Chief. In the past years, Earth Science Frontiers has ranked the tops in lists of professional journals and Chinese scientific journals with its impact factor over 1.000. Meanwhile, Earth Science Frontiers has also been enrolled by many information organizations as the firsts of professional journals owing to its high comprehensive index.


      Geoscience which is published quarterly by China University of Geosciences (Beijing), is a comprehensive academic journal of geology, issued both in China and overseas since 1987. Prof. Deng Jun is the Editor-in-Chief. It is selected as the core journal of China and the scientific and technical core journal of China. According to Chinese scientific and technical journal citation reports 2003 published by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China in 2004, the total citation and impact factor are ranked number 10 and number 18 respectively out of the 30 geological periodicals in China.

Chinese Geological Education

     Chinese Geological Education  which is published quarterly by the Geological Society of China and China University of Geosciences (Beijing), is an academic education journal started on Dec. 1991, issued both in China and overseas since 1995 under the authorization of the State Administration of Press. Prof. Wu Gan-guo is the Editor-in-Chief. It is featured in guiding, academic and applicability, mainly involved in all the aspects of geological education. Therefore, it offers a chance for all the geological education workers to perform scientific study on education, discuss issues, and exchange their academic findings and information.

Resources and Industries

     Resources and Industries  which used to be called Mineral Resource Exploitation under the administration of the Ministry of Land & Resources, is published biomonthly by China University of Geosciences (Beijing) , issued both in China and overseas since 1999. Prof. Shuai Kai-ye is the Editor-in-Chief. It contains the advertisement of the government’s policy, forum, experience promotion, and intelligence information. Universities, institutes, enterprises, scholars in colleges, and several ministries cooperate in the editing. It especially invites experts in ministries and administration of each province, large-size enterprises, and famous scholars of colleges to form the editorial committee. It is involved in the management, development, and use of resources of land, mineral, marine, and water etc. It is an authoritative journal serving the government, enterprises, scientific research and teaching.

Geoscience Frontiers

     GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS(GSF) is a quarterly journal that publishes in English significant original research articles and high quality reviews of recent advances in all fields of Earth Sciences - including stratigraphy and paleontology, mineralogy and petrology, economic geology and minerals and fuel exploration, structural geology, lithospheric tectonics, environmental and engineering geology, hydrogeology, astrogeology, marine geology, and geophysics and geochemistry.

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