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     China University of Geosciences (Beijing) fully takes its advantage of locating in Beijing to participate in the academic exchanges through the nation as well as overseas actively. So far, it has established long-term and actual cooperative relations with over 150 universities and scientific research institutes in more than 20 countries. Besides, it also has regular communication with more than 30 international academic organizations and over 60 persons have participated and even assumed important roles in some organizations concerned. In addition to long-term employment of foreign experts to work on the front-line teaching and researching, the university also invites dozens of foreign experts to join in the short-term teaching and cooperative research; meanwhile, it sends some outstanding teachers to study, advance study, teach or perform cooperative research overseas. In recent years, the university has also enrolled foreign students, as well as admits and brings up specified postgraduates in the form of cooperating in running school. The university gives priority to the international academic exchange and teaching cooperation, by participating many international academic organizations and economic international academic conferences. Moreover, the university has built up teaching and scientific research cooperation with almost a hundred scientific research institutes or industrial enterprises in the country, with concerning industries like geology, petroleum, coal, metal refining, hydroelectricity, chemistry, city constructing, communication, and earthquake. The journal Earth Science Pioneer, issued by the university, is a national core academic journal. As an academic exchange medium, it has a wide influence on both the nation and overseas.
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