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     Guided by the philosophy of "special and best" and the principles of "concentrated advantage, limited objectives, scientific layout, integrated", CUGB takes the innovative team construction as the major task of key disciplines construction. Up to now, our university has 8 innovative teams.

Innovative Teams

Person In Charge

Life and environment co-evolution during Rodinia supercontinent convergence and break-up

Xiaoying Shi

Tibetan Plateau geodynamics and its hydrocarbon resources effects

Chengshan Wang

Study of metallogenic evolution reponses to deep processes and shallow environment

Jiajun Liu

Ecologial geochemistry study and land quality assessment

Zhongfang Yang

Theoretical study of deep oil and gas resource geology

Zaixing Jiang

Mineral nanocomposites

Libing Liao

Land use engineering

Zhongke Bai

Deep exploration and mineral resources tridimensional prospecting system

Changli Yao

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