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     Leaded by the discipline construction, our school implements the strategy of "strengthening school by discipline construction". Our university attempts to impel discipline development through making subject direction clear, innovative team cultivation and discipline platform construction. These methods will comprehensively improve the discipline level and strength. Up to now, our university has evolved an educational program that balances sciences, technology, arts, management, economics and law—one which emphasizes a connection between education and geology, natural resources, environment and geological engineering. At the same time, it fully implements the philosophy of "special and best" and strives to improve the discpline construction level in order to build distinctive professional discipline system.
     Currently, we have 2 first class state key disciplines, 6 second class state key discinplines and 11 provincial key disciplines. During the tenth five year plan period, our school has undertaken more than 2800 research projects and total research funding reaches 550 million. Besides, our school has been awarded 3 the second prize of national nature science, 3 the first prize of state scientific and technological progress, 5 the second prize of state scientific and technological progress, 39 the prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, more than 10 national patents(authorized) and more than180 publications. Teachers of our school has published 400 papers overseas and the total number of published papers both domestic and abroad exceeds 7500. During the tenth five year plan period, our school has held more than 10 international academic conferences with great impacts, especially the 8th Biennial SGA Meeting, which has been seen as a milestone in the SGA. It was the first time that SGA meeting held in counties outside Europe and it built the communication between chinese deposit geology field and other countries or areas. This meeting is going forward to bring far-reaching impact to international deposit geology field.
     In 2006, the dominant discipline innovation platform project "earth system proecsses and mineral resources" was approved by the education ministry and financial ministry. This will bring greater development of our university's discipline construction.
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