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     CUGB "211 Project" general construction objective is as the following: focousing on building core disciplines and energetically promoting theory, institution, technology and education innovation, playing its full role in cultivating high-level innovation personnel, developing culture, science and technology, and solving the major issues during national and local economic construction and social development. The university is going forward to develop school characteristics and advantages and become a first-class international university in the field of geosciences.
     CUGB "211 Project" primary mission focuses on the constructions in key disciplines, public service system and faulty. First, key disciplines construction: the project takes the key disciplines construction as its core, and focuses on the construction of 7 key discipline groups: earth surface system, geochemistry, earth material science and hylology, land resources exploration and evaluation, geology engineering, earth exploration and information applied technology, groundwater resources and geological environmental protection. The project also helps strengthen discipline layout readjustment and cross-discipline integration and build a discipline system which adpats to academic trends in new century of a research university. Second, public service system construction: the project focuses on the construction of campus network, digital campus, digital library, museum collections, archives and modern eductional technology. Based on these construction projects, the university attempts to improve documentation management and information services, and those help provide a good environment for efficient information services of teaching, research and management. Third, faculty construction: the project helps strengthen the introduction and training of outstanding young academic leaders, research backbones and prominent talents. The project also attempts to adjust and optimize teachers structure, reform the personnel system. In all, the project is benefical to build a high-level teacher team.
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